Welcome to Art!

**For remote learning from March 16th to April 24th click on the remote learning tab near the top of the page.  Weekly assignment suggestions will be posted there for grades K-8.  Stay safe and healthy!


Art Class is a place where kids come to challenge themselves, try out new ideas, get inspired, explore, have fun, and create memorable experiences.artclasspic.1

To encourage risk taking and divergent thinking, great importance is placed upon the quality of process and the experience of learning through doing. 

Student projects are centered around the Elements of Art and Principles of Design as well as the National Core Art Standards in Visual Arts.

Students in grades 3-8 create sketchbooks which are use each class period to develop drawing skills, take notes and explore different mediums before completing finalized projects.

All students K-8 create a portfolio of work spanning the whole year.  Middle school students will also create online portfolios through Artsonia.  They learn to assess their own work using rubrics and set goals for future artwork.

Many projects are centered around studying a specific artist, time period or style of art and creating personal works in that style.


Medium and Processes students will explore include:

Painting- acrylic, tempera, watercolor

Clay projects

Weaving & fiber arts

Charcoal and gradient drawing techniques

Drawing using pencil & colored pencils

Pastels- chalk and oil


I look forward to seeing your child in Art!


Autumn Helling

Art Teacher, Holy Rosary School

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