Advanced Drawing and Painting

Monochromatic Animal Portraits

For this project, students used realistic drawing techniques to plan a preliminary sketch of an animal. Next, they mixed and layered different values of India ink to finish their large scale portraits.

Watercolor Gator Installation 

For this collaborative group project each student sketched then painted a section of our school mascot, the gator. We then assembled the paintings together to create our final installation, this piece is currently on display by the front entrance. Go gators!


Self Portrait Paintings

For this unit project we studied the contemporary artist Kehinde Wiley and learned about the history of portraiture. We then created our own self portraits inspired by Wiley’s work.

Paper Bag Still Life Drawings

Students used shadows, mid-tones and highlights to create a shaded paper bag drawing. We focused on incorporating a wide range of value and drawing in proportion for this assignment.

Apple Paintings: intro to the grid method

Students learned and practiced the grid method to sketch then paint apples in correct proportion. During this project we also learned how to shade with water color paints.

Still Life Scenes

This trimester students have been learning about observational drawing, proportion, composition and shading. For our first project we combined all of these learned skills together into a still life drawing.