Landscape Linocuts (reduction prints): 7th & 8th grade printmaking elective

For these reduction linocuts, students chose one of their favorite places to feature in their artworks. After taking pictures of their locations, each student planned out how they would use the reduction method to create a multi-layer print. 

Endangered Plants of the Pacific Northwest (botanical illustrations): 6th & 7th grade

For this unit, each student researched one endangered plant species native to the pacific northwest. After learning more about their chosen plants, students created their own botanical illustrations using colored pencil shading techniques.

Coil Pots: 7th and 8th (clay elective)

Clay elective students learned how to slip and score to create large coil pots. The pots were then painted with underglazes before being glaze fired.

Character Design and Cartooning (sticker making): 8th Grade

8th grade students learned the history of character design and cartooning before creating their own original character. We studied the contemporary artist Hebru Brantley to learn about shading and world building. Each student created two drawings for this unit, one of their character from the shoulders up, and one featuring their character’s whole body placed in a new background. At the end of the unit, students designs were digitally printed onto stickers for them to take home.

2-Point Perspective Cityscapes: 8th Grade

8th grade students learned how to draw buildings in two point perspective before designing their own unique cityscapes.

Modern Mosaics: 6th and 7th

For this project, we studied the mosaics of contemporary artist Jim Bachor. Next, we learned how to design, tile then grout our work.


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