Student Work

Watercolor Resist Paintings: Pre-K

For this project, students experimented with oil pastels and watercolors to create mixed media artworks. At the start of the lesson we learned how to draw a continuous contour line then practiced keeping our pencils on the paper for the whole drawing. We then moved onto drawing the same type of line with white oil pastels. Finally, we painted small sections with bright rainbow colors using the wet-on-wet watercolor technique and watched as our resist lines appeared.


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Kandinsky’s Concentric Circles: 2nd & 3rd 

In this watercolor unit, 2nd and 3rd grade students studied the abstract paintings of Kandinsky. We learned about his career as an abstract painter and how he used music to inspire his paintings.

Still Life Drawings: Advanced Drawing & Painting

This trimester students have been learning about observational drawing, proportion, composition and shading. For our first project we combined all of these learned skills together into a still life drawing.

Jenny - 7th Grade

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Dot Day! Kindergarten & 1st

This painting lesson centered around “The Dot” by Peter H. Reynolds. Through the stories protagonist Vashti, students learned about the importance of experimentation in art-making. After the book reading, we sketched our own dots and colored them in with tempera paint sticks.

Eric Carle Collage – by Kindergarten

Georgia O’Keefe flowers – 1st grade

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Macchia Bowls, inspired by Dale Chihuly – 4th grade

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Cubist faces, inspired by Pablo Picasso – 7th grade

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Huichol yarn paintings – by 8th grade

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