“Colorful Me” Tempera Paintings

Students learned about how color can represent different emotions. Next, we created our own tempera paintings including a variety of colors.

Lovely Lines!

Students experimented with the art element of line. We read the book “Lines That Wiggle” by Candace Whitman to learn about all of the different types of line. Next, we practiced our fine motor skills by drawing the different types of line and adding color to our artworks.

Claude Monet Bridges

Students learned about the life of Claude Monet and experimented with impressionist painting techniques to create their own masterpiece.

Piet Mondrian Inspired Modern Art

After learning about the modern artist Piet Mondrian, we created our own modern art using primary watercolor crayons.

Primary Prints

During this introductory printmaking project, students used the stamping method to create a final print including the three primary colors.

Watercolor Resist Paintings

For this project, students experimented with oil pastels and watercolors to create mixed media artworks. At the start of the lesson we learned how to draw a continuous contour line then practiced keeping our pencils on the paper for the whole drawing. We then moved onto drawing the same type of line with white oil pastels. Finally, we painted small sections with bright rainbow colors using the wet-on-wet watercolor technique and watched as our resist lines appeared.